All graphics you can find in the section “CATEGORIES” are free for download, so feel free
to share ’em on the internet, use ’em as your background images, print ’em, make flyers, stickers,
t-shirts, flags, whatever you want, just make sure to spread ’em like wildfire.


Each one of the graphics was
made to support the scene,
it’s not for commercial use,
you little money-hungry pricks!
It’s about sending a message
by providing free stuff.
It’s no cash cow and
anti-fascism is not a fashion!
Use ’em as a tool, not for profit.

All comrades out there,
enjoy checking out the website!



Each website is vulnerable
and an SSL-secured (https://)
website isn’t as secure as you
might think but way better
than an unsecured one,
especially if you enter stuff on
the site (e. g. your email address).
That’s why it’s SSL-secured.


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