Well, this is the project “THE REBEL UNLEASHED”.

The past centuries have clearly shown that capitalism ain’t the paradise they’ve been promissing.
It brings greed, hate, oppression, inequality, injustice and therefore fascism and destruction to this
planet and it matters more than ever
to stand up and make a stand against this system!

This project is a product of an anti-fascist and anti-capitalist attitude, paired with anger that was
born of the fact that people suffer
because of the wealth of few and the ignorance of the majority.

The idea is to create stuff for like-minded comrades around the globe and it’s all about radical
and thought-provoking graphics that can be used
to make people pay attention, to share our attitude,
to express our anger
over the rotten system that oppresses and kills, to show solidarity with others who’ve
been suffering and struggling in this world that’s been
controlled by psychopaths who abuse their power.

Sure, the internet has been flooded with such stuff and this project won’t spark a revolution but there’s
never enough material out that can support
others and help to reach and connect people.

Our future generations need to stand up to those in power and it’s our job to show them what’s wrong
in this sick world and how we can build
a better one together by abolishing the fascist system of capitalism!

Thanks for your time and attention.